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Duffle Cut? Huh?

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Upon dissassembling a rifle last night I discovered I had a duffle cut stock under the rear band. The rifle was about $149.00 out the door. Looks to be epoxied with a shim for the saw blade thickness cut. It shoots very well. It's a byf44, complete bolt matches the rifle, front band matching. Rear band, trigger guard and stock are mismatched.

No Import or Export marks, Original Finish.

It has the wrong stock for the buttplate, should be cupped and not flat and also the wrong WaA. Should be WaA135.

The stock is all matching (WaA26, flat butt plate) down to the TG Bolts, except for the front band which matches the rifle serial number on the byf44.

The trigger guard floor plate has only a small vibra pencil number under the other serial number for the rifles last 3 digits and that is the only place with vibra pencil.

Why would it have vibra pencil if it was dufflecut? When and who added the 3 digit vibra pencil number? Refurb pre 45 or post 45? Bubba in the 50's with a vibra pencil?

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Pictures? The Germans occasionally used vibra-pencil during rebuild. I'm guessing this was an armourer or depot thing.

Winchester Cowboy

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Finally some pics of the vibra pencil on the floor plate and the duffle cut stock.


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That pup could tell stories, and for that price everything past the bolt is gravy :thumbsup: That vibro pencil looks a little different from what we're accustomed to on German builds. Pisgah is right, we see vibro-pencil numbering on parts for reworks and repairs.


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If you would, please enlighten the new guy...

What's the difference between a vibro-pencil and an electro-pencil? During what period(s) was each used? How would one tell one from the other?

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Wow that was a time machine price ! Good looking rile. This is a period rebuidl correct? The EP looks a lot different than a R/C

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