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Duv 43 G41 info


Starting this thread in hopes to find some guidance on a trade I’ve been offered. I’ve been offered a mis-matched DUV 1943 G41W. Waiting on pics currently. My trade would be a bsw 1939 semi TNW MG34. I don’t have much knowledge on the 41’s but I know they are not common. I’m highly intrigued and will produce photos once I get them. Any of the G41 guys that can contact me privately please do, I’m going to have a few specific questions once I get a he photos. I know some of these have been messed with so I want to see what I need to specifically ask for.

All help is greatly appreciated


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I have an extensive list of G.41's, G.43's and K.43's from all the manufactures I've been keeping up with for a few years now. If you send me the serial number (with the letter block-if there's a letter block) then I can look to see if I have any history on that rifle. If I don't I can always add your information to my listings. -Kelly


Thank you Kelly

I will let you know as soon as I find out the SN. I knew someone had a
Running database here, just couldn’t remember who.



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