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EARLY Waffenstadt Suhl DSM34 w/ a concern....


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Happy with this on one hand, but on the other...well...the seller was terrible with communication. Picked up the rifle today from my ffl....two different numbers on the bolt. 43 on the top and you can see the faint BU crown proofs, on the bottom of the bolt root is another serial. Open to thoughts on this if you guys have any...period or postwar "enhancement"? On the plus side for sure is the early serial number, and the sight/muzzle cover with stacking rod. Happy with the condition otherwise as well.


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Very nice example, and in very good condition.

I would not consider that bolt original, and definitely not matching numbers.
Bolt may be questionable. But..

That is a nice early example one of the first.

The Proof House records at Suhl show these were the first DSM's completed or submitted for proofing by all those makers in Suhl.

Absolutely April 1934 production.

By the way. Those records are not at the Proof House but in the Suhl City Archives. That is because the city collected a tax on each gun proofed there. Individual guns are not listed by serial number. Just quantity submitted on certain dates by makers and date the lot was proofed.

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