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Elite Diamant(i) 1941


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Another variant that took a long time to find. Not really rare, but not simple either. Hope you like it.


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Nice 41 ED ( i ). My last bayonet purchase in 2023 was a 41 ED ( i ) It is in excellent matching condition and I feel very lucky to have finally acquired one. I agree not all that rare, but they are hard to find. Mine has serial number 8205 in the no letter block. I will eventually get some pics of to post.
There cannot be too many 'i' variants. I own 41ed serial 352 and it is marked with full name. Grimlin13 owns 8205, so the I maker mark started somewhere in between. Given this one is 7440b, we know there are at least 20k 41'i'. I doubt if there are more than 30k or 40k.

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