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Erma Deutsche Sportsmodell question

A friend is interested in this rifle but thinks there should be a matching serial number on the bolt.
There are only the 2 matching numbers on the left side and some commercial proofs on thd bolt,
Is he wrong?


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look on the underside of the flat.. only mauser numbered their bolts on the top like a k98k. usually only the last 3 digits as well if any. Some makers didnt number their bolts. But, i think Erma did at least on the later units.
Some when starting out didnt number bolts then took it up. The rifle is very nice otherwise Id own it.
There is also this imprint in the wood on the left side of the stock left of the bolt


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ok some dont know about the partial ser # on the underside of the flat.. if its not numbered thats better than mismatched. As of right now its a 50/50 shot. Its a great looking example and it depends on the selling price I guess.
I believe it’s Munich but making out the name above it has been tough.
I already own the piece.
I picked it up last week in northern Virginia.
Thanx for the help!
I will be a dirty SOB!!
I thought I looked on the bolt, the whole bolt and nothing but the bolt.
There it is, plain as day, on the underside of the bolt flat!!!
I feel about stupid now, but at least it matches!!!


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Well looky there... :ROFLMAO: I was pretty certain Erma did number their bolts through out production.. They also used the complete ser. # as shown.

Erma dsm's are fairly hard to find. I only ever had one and it wasnt in the best of shape so i sold it off. Cant remember much more about it. Bob S's book is well worth grabbing if you like trainers. Im sure the ser # info is in there.

Some of the larger retailers had stamps to put their store name on the stocks like this. THese were commercial rifles sold to the public as well as Party groups.

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