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Erma emp 35


I recently acquired an EMP 35 kit and would like to make a blank fire gun out of it (i have already contacted the agencies needed, I work for an SOT, and I have the legal ability to own it in my locality) does anyone have one that I could get specs off of? The bolt is toast and I cannot find ANY references or drawings online


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These are the full auto specs, you will need to change them so there is not interchangeability on your blank gun. I had run across a guy named Tom Denali about 10 years ago who had an original. Here are the specs he gave me. I also have a bunch of pics of the original parts as well I will post from him.

The bolt O.D. is 25.90 mm or 1.019"
The tube I.D. is 26 mm or 1.024"
The Rec. tube O.D. is 31.85mm or 1.254" for a wall thickness of .057"
The Receiver length is 21-5/8"
Overall and the bolt body is 8"
Recoil tube is 5-1/4"

Hope it helps. I am going to do something similar but I am going to make mine a semi auto and have a blank only barrel made for it.


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this is incredible! thank you so much! is there a trick to converting the 9mm Largo mags to run 9x19?

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