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Estate Find Hendsoldt SS SSR Scope & Mount 3767


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This scope came from a local estate last week, unfortunately a matching SSR does not seem to have been a part of the estate after being in contact with the liquidation company. I'm hoping the rifle surfaces eventually but chances of that are extremely slim. The scope was tossed on a table at the sale and not given much attention whatsoever, more than likely the sellers believed it was a $50 scope... I can only imagine their surprise when they recieved the check for it.

This example has markings typical of the couple other recorded Hendoldt SSR mount/scopes I have seen. The scope case is missing it's top but I believe it to be an original with the larger pattern rivets and SS style paint on said rivets, but as the numbered top was absent so that is only my input. Matching numbers on the lever, scope, and mount of course.

Scope is missing the dial cap which will be replaced with a Hendsoldt one for display purposes.

Glass is surprisingly clear for the condition of the scope, the caps did their job quite well for the past 80 years.

A big thanks to Brian for taking a look at this before I purchased it, an experienced second set of eyes always helps greatly in sniper stuff especially when it's SS.

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Super cool set, thank you for sharing it! I see you have already updated your signature :D . Give it a careful cleaning with a toothbrush to get the dirt from those markings and corners. Also love the leather covers it comes with.
wow !! amazing find... Much more scarce than a Ajack SS dienstglas.. Not sure how much attention the scope got but, im sure you did fine on it. Now finding the rifle is the harder part.
It’s nice when these get sold instead of thrown out. Lol.
I’m sure the scope can cap got pitched. Base rifle may have ended up as a sporter, the 2 98s at the sale were butchered beyond recognition. Neither was an SSR though.

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