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I was just looking at those pics a few days ago. There was one on Gunbroker last year and like a bonehead I let it get away. It was just a little longer than the regular length. Sure would have been cool to have. Went for like 3200 or 3600. Someone here on the forum might have snagged it but I’ve not seen a post about it.

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Good what is the story on the pics? I'd assume the rifles are Walther produced...? Does anyone have any similar rifles in their collections they can post pics of? Very interesting rifles..
Those are taken at Aberdeen, no clue if any detail pictures exist of them, or what not.
Aberdeen sent some stuff to be scrapped a few years back, if I recall right. Hopefully it survived.
He was a good dude, brought me on as a moderator here. One of the best. RIP buddy .....

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