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I want to thank all that helped me with this dsm project, the handguard retainer from oldwing fit like a glove , perfect in every way , I have the front band coming from pwcosol , can't wait to finish that end of it , now falgrunt , a special thanks for putting up with me pestering you with a thousand questions. Well I got the pins and bolt today, it was a perfect fit and works like it should, I am so happy for all that you did for me , with the help of all you this project has been saved from the darkness of the closet. Thanks for letting the new guy be apart of this great forum, thank you again, please ask me if you need anything maybe I can help. Thank you for everything. Mike
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Pwcosol I got the band , it's been sitting in the post office, I only go once a week to check. It fits and looks perfect, your band completed this project , it's all wiped down and put away . Thanks Mike

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