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Fallschirmjäger bandolier. Help please?


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I bought the blue one Ray had, depicted in my post next to the one sold by a European dealer. To me these are the textbook blue ones. I've had others identical going back 25+ years. In fact I think the one I got from Ray is one of mine as he got it within a year of me trading mine off to a dealer who I think he may have gotten it from. In hand it's textbook, even with slight age fading. The ink stamps on these are light but there.


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That blue bandolier brings back some memories for me. About 20 years ago I was in an antique shop with my not quite yet wife. I saw one just like it on a peg on the wall for $12.00. I bought it pretty sure it was the real deal and figuring even if it wasn't I could get more than the investment out of it. Honestly could not get my wallet out fast enough.
Kept looking around hoping nobody noticed how excited I was. Up to that point my wife to be did not understand why I collected that "nahtsee" stuff. SO I sent her the link when I put it on Ebay and told her to watch it. I think it sold for around $300. She hasn't said a word about the collection since. :laugh:

What is the one on Gunboards?

The snaps on this one here are bad IMHO. It may be that due to poor storage they pulled out or rusted out and needed replacement. So, they found some Stocko top snaps and replaced them. My personal opinion is at best it's original cloth with postwar replaced Stocko snaps.

EDIT: If it is these, they are stone cold bad, though pretty good reenactor pieces:

These are the only snaps I'm familiar with on originals, other than the "Stocko 6" versions also with the same smooth buttons. This is one of mine and it's twin sold by a European dealer.


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My last good paratrooper antique shop find was in the bottom of an old satchel containing various WWII insignia. After examining the tinnies, chevrons, etc. which were overpriced, I noticed that the bottom of the bag was camo colored. The camo turned out to be a para helmet cover for which I paid something in the neighborhood of $25. When I called the first para collector, he became understandably excited and needless to say, that piece was very good to me.


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Thanks. I've been blessed with some great buys but I've also followed many false leads and looked at tons of junk in the process.


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Thanks. I've been blessed with some great buys but I've also followed many false leads and looked at tons of junk in the process.

Well, as they say, you must bang a few frogs before you get to a princess, or something like that.


Hello folks, I want to revisit the old topic because I happened upon this discussion. I own a bandolier that is similar to this one, I even think one of the same manufacture. There were grained Stocko buttons during 1943. The dimensions of the seams and the splinter camouflage pattern are consistent. I have pictures of the same bandolier in mind. All are almost identical. There is nothing that is not there.


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Needed a excuse to dig out my own and give it an airing-out anyway. Got this one (my blue and green ones, too) back in the 1980s...


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Stocko hardware is found on original Luft equipment, to include bandoleers, BUT the pebbled surface I have never seen on wartime pieces. That Prym only crap is pure unadulterated BS, You can find Prym, Stocko, and Unknown manufacturer unmarked snaps on original pieces.

Still $500.00 seems a bit steep even if original


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I do not like the repair patch in SS camo.
How would you sew it on, after the bandolier was finished?


Stocko produced up to 45 granular press stud systems; there are also Luftwaffe coats with exactly these press studs. I already contacted Stocko Wuppertal about this, but unfortunately they no longer have a historical archive. I have already seen the bandoliers shown here several times https://www.lux-military-antiques.c...per-s-k98-splinter-ammunition-bandoleer-2.htm . The flat Pyrm buttons are mostly found on bandoliers, but the grained version from Stocko is 100% authentic. At the end of the war, Stocko was using many different button shapes and press stud systems. This was simply due to the shortage of materials. greetings toxo

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