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FG42 #190 and #1864 (Type1/Type E)

Guillaume d'Orange

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Hi everyone,

As I unsubscribed, I missed this video on Forgotten Weapons about a Type E being auctioned at Morphy's. It is #1864:

As some of you remember, I documented 4 Type1/Type E in French state collections (courtesy of them):

Type1/Type E with a serial number lower than 200 are welcome to be reported and documented:

#1864 seems to follow the three stamps pattern seen on the 4 other Type E: Weimar eagle, BAL 2 and Fehlerstempel.
It's surprising to see that they all got this third "F" stamp !

If anyone here has the opportunity to take a close pic of the stamps, that would be fantastic !
It’s surprising just how crooked that serial number is. Germans were usually better than that with this stuff…. Except for Steyr
For sale soon
Thanks for bringing it up.
Its serial number is #190, so that’s interesting for the research started in @RyanE ´s thread. I will try to get a pic of the stamps from them.

« Junior » fails to mention that this early one does not have the stock reinforcements.
The one at Morphy’s is in better condition and has a sling (though they are looking for the mag and bayonet !).
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