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Full autos in Wisconsin


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I will be moving to Wisconsin from Socialist republic of Illinois soon. I am trying to learn about laws regarding C&R full autos. It seems to me that they are legal if they comply with ATF. How is that rule about no pistol round firing full autos permitted. Does it mean that you can't own MP40, but can own MP44? I would appreciate clarification from someone informed.

Thanks, Jack


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I believe that machine guns are illegal here in Wisconsin, unfortunately, per statute 941.26. The only exception seems to be if you are federally legal and you have permission from your local sheriff. You may want to do your own checking, but that is my understanding of the laws here.


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Wisconsin statute is written funny but long story short they note a bunch of legalese and then end with the only exception is if you meet federal requirements to own a machine gun you can, same with SBR/SBS, AOW and silencers. So whatever the current federal requirements are if you meet them you are in good shape. There are a number of Class 3 dealers in Wisconsin that can provide some guidance for you. Recon Ordnance is one. Bob the owner is a bit curmudgeonly at times but knows his stuff and would help you with a purchase for a fee I am sure.


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I don't really understand the question, but machine guns are absolutely legal to own here in Wisconsin. I have a friend with a Marlin potato digger and know a guy with an STG44 and several others. I almost bought a Thompson last year at a local shop. From my understanding, there is nothing different about buying a Class III here than any other state that does allow them.


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Why one must always be careful of information on the internets.......

DuckDuckGo is your friend:

Without going any further, after about a minute review of the statute, if you have a C&R in Wisconsin it appears from the plain language of the statute that you may own a transferable machine gun. I haven't reviewed the whole statutory scheme and exceptions, but they are there.

(3) This section does not apply to the sale, possession, modification, use or transportation of any weapons or containers under sub. (1) or (1m) to or by any armed forces or national guard personnel in the line of duty, any civil enforcement officer of the state or of any city or county. This section does not apply to the sale, possession, modification, use or transportation of weapons under sub. (1) (a) or (1m) to or by any person duly authorized by the chief of police of any city or the sheriff of any county. This section does not apply to the restoration of any weapon under sub. (1) (a) or (1m) by a person having a license to collect firearms as curios or relics issued by the U.S. department of the treasury. The restriction on transportation contained in this section does not apply to common carriers.
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