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G24(t) 41/43


Have a local guy that wants to sell this rifle. He is asking 1100. He says that all the serials match but the barrel. Are these Chech guns pretty desirable. Any redflags you see? Anything I need to ask about? He said the "Shell Extractor Foot" is broken l, is that hard to aquire the part amd instal? Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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There are many redflags, the dou41 is normal 1941 production, but i assume buttstock is wrong there, question is too the 43 dating done by repass? but certainly not in Povazska case the piece is in b range the bolt is probably reserialed and is not from the origin rifle.
That “/date” thing has turned up on some Russian capture K98s, but they will also feature an “M.O.” marking.

This thing stinks to me, but your mileage may vary.
Same opinion the large eagle on butt pistol grip is mostly a fake, so even the 41 date here looks strange, but the 43 much more worser, personally i would run out by this sample, even here are provides bad and low resolution pictures.
I just want to thank all of you! I want a German army rifle to hang on the wall. But I know next to nothing about them. Thank you for helping me walk away from a bad gun!
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The rear receiver bridge has also been ground down. I agree the wrist stamp doesn't look promising. Looks like a fake Kru1.

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