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G33/40 1940 945


Friend of mine in Finland found a couple cool rifles for me at great prices. So I immediately bought them. The first is a G33/40 that appears to be matching with a Finn Repair to the Handguard. My guess is someone went to remove the handguard, but the spring and part of the handguard stayed behind? It looks like aluminum from a Russian Plane was used to make the repair? Looks very similar to Puhdetyöpuukko which were made from Russian Airplane Aluminum.

The second rifle is even more rare. Finnish M28/30 RIIHIMÃKI which is a Civilian M28/30 made in 1938. Also matching.
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Damn Capt give me your friends #! Your theory makes sense on the G33/40 handguard. Very cool rifles. Metal looks good on the the G33/40, top of bolt stem bluing appears unworn. Doesn't look like it was fired much. Really love those deep stamps on that G33/40. Deep stamps turn me on.

Do you have these in hand yet, or, are they on the way? Love to see more pictures.


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I like the deep circle stamp which shows that it is to be assembled with Kaltes Fett (Cold Weather Grease). Quite fitting for a Mountain Troop Carbine. They don't all have this stamp, but many do.
It appears to be a very nice example, well worth hunting down a proper handguard for.
Thanks for sharing!

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