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G41 bolt assembly will not come out! Please help.

I bought this G41, and the bolt assembly will not come out. I've watched the disassembly video...the bolt will not go all the way to the rear. This "rod" keeps banging against the rear of the receiver. What is wrong here?


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That looks like the long recoil rod, installed backwards and jammed. Was the short recoil rod in the receiver? Have you fired the rifle or was this as is when it arrived?

A rubber mallet/or wood hitting the front part of the carrier charging handle should force it along with the bolt to the rear and you will be able to remove the entire bolt assembly.
The front rim looks to be wedged against the milled action cover.

(SEE my next post and picture below!)

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It seems to be jammed in the firing pin carrier. I just checked one of mine, and the end just fits in the opening. The FP carrier may not have the correct, short firing pin extension (exact same as the G/K43).

I think this is your problem.

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Thank you for the info. I have not fired it - this is exactly how it came and I wanted to disassemble it so I could see what is missing.
I'll try to follow your photos to disassemble mine. I have it soaking in Kroil right now.
I think I understand - the long piece sticking out of the rear of the firing pin carrier should actually be on top, as part of the recoil rod in the top of the bolt carrier. This makes sense, there is a short rod and spring in the top of the bolt carrier - the long rod must have dropped down inside of the receiver and jammed inside of the rear of the bolt carrier. Correct?


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Try a set of durable, needle nose plyers. Use it to insert one side in the long rod opening and close & grasp it very tight. Wiggly hard and away from the action cover. Pull it towards the rear of the receiver if needed. It 'should' come out of the firing pin carrier. You may need to replace this long rod due to damage...or it still might be usable when properly installed.

Good luck! I am sure you will be able to get it out.
Wow! Look at how that is bent! I bet this dropped down, and when fired - jammed into the back of the bolt. I will probably need to replace these pieces.
Thank you for the assistance!


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Even the hardened firing pin extension is bent - dang!! Looks like the open end of the tube was jammed into the back of the FP carrier with the extension inside of it. This is a new one for me!!

It is missing the long recoil spring and recoil spring assembly retainer.

A G/K43 firing pin extension will work in a G-41W. The long tube (recoil spring guide) has a notch at the end, specific to the G-41W safety arm. It has a slightly wider notch than the virtually identical G/K43 recoil guide tube (different safety arm) pictured below.

Picture from:

Spring guides.jpg
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This is what I have, and I don't think the short spring is correct (length) and there are two of them. That is why the guide fell down and jammed against the firing pin carrier, when someone shot it (not me).

Who do you recommend for replica springs? I see several vendors from ebay to France.


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It's surprising the person who fired your new G-41W with that setup didn't have their face shredded! Proof the milled action covers for the G-41W and some G/K-43 rifles (compared to the more common stamped G/K-43 version) are worth their weight in gold!

This is a correct G-41W recoil spring assembly from one of my rifles.

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I have purchased replacement springs from Frontline Militaria (The Netherlands) 3x times this year (recoil and receiver + several G/K43 magazine springs). Superb quality and fast turnaround time! I have a package arriving from them tomorrow per tracking with 3x sets of these inside: -

All three of these G-43 listed parts from Frontline are fully interchangeable between the G/K-43 and G-41W:

Front recoil spring (long) (excellent repro) - - $9.00

Rear recoil spring (short) (excellent repro) - - $9.00

Firing pin extension (excellent repro) - - $12.00

Their G-43 recoil spring guide (excellent repro) could be slightly modified to work in a G-41W if you are unable to straighten yours (which has thin metal and may break since it has already been under massive stress): - - $20.00
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+1, their parts are excellent reproductions, i have bought from them a shooters kit , spring set and a firing pin, their spring set is great, much stronger springs than original to keep the gun from beating itself to death.

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