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Attached the pictures of the other 43 rifle I bought among the mount matching ac45 - a bcd coded a block rifle. It was pretty mint, hence I had to buy it, despite not being a sniper ....


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Nice rifle. These are very hard to find. I have no idea how I did it, but I was very fortunate to have two in my collection.

Check this area out with a light. Is that a e/S proof? It should be there and they are sometimes very hard to see on these bcd rifles.

I actually find small things like rather funny. As I am sure parts got MM during legit service or immediately after the war. The problem is it is very had to prove when a part got MM.
Few examples that I would consider legit in my own collection are:
- Flat Sided C96 with a shoulder stock only 9x digits off (likely MM during service).
- 2x K98 grenade launching kits where parts had been swapped between each as parts were marked by the person who brought them back, but these marked parts were swapped between each set.
- BNZ K98 all matching except for the rear site. Obviously damaged and replaced and certainly hard to lose.
these handguards and the wood HG's were used as ordinance/Armorer spares. So its not wrong or right just not factory installed. BCD never did used durofoil hg's but its a killer rifle non the same..
Matt is correct. It should have another handguard. Why it got changed and if this was done prior to end of WWII or post war cannot be told. It is possible, but impossible to proof. The cases where I'm without doubt to tell if something was replaced during WWII are very few. For the moment I can only think of my bolt mismatch (in same letter block, just a bit off) bnz45 that I had posted here ->

@Tiger 2 Tank it does look as if what you said should be there. Just tough to make out. Hadn't you mentioned, I would never had noticed this stamp there. Thanks!

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