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G43 Receiver AC code 1944 Value


I recently picked up a G43 Receiver in a trade. I know little about values of these. I would like to sell it but have no clue what to list it for. Any help or info would be much appreciated!


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Difficult to place a value on... very difficult to install a barrel on and parts to build are a fortune. Maybe start bidding at $100 and see where it may go. Very cool desk weight.


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Unless you have all the parts or a source for cheap parts, this probably isn't a project worth taking on. Barrels are actually not as hard to press as people realize, I had a friend do a barrel press project on my behalf and it was the 'aluminum jig' that that was the biggest cost/time.
Apfeltor is probably th only credible source to press in a barrel, but it’s still more than what barreled actions go for on GB. A great display peice!

Joseph Burke

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You have to ask yourself why this receiver would have been stripped and I would think some major flaw/issue would be the answer. So I would think it would only have value as a display piece at best. But, as others have said, you could put it up on an auction site and see.

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