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GB rare--Push bottom G41(W) ac


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Well now that is over, A rare one, went over $12,500.00, I don't know about the stock it has no proof marks.

Did you read the comments on the runner up see the item in question!

Below is one sold back 2010 for $6K V
If I remember right this one had the stock sanded. If the stock hadn't been sanded I think the price might be right on.

Between rifle comparisons, appears both stocks were sanded, so probably the price difference is the time begween the two auctions (which doesn't appear to be that much) and just the "auction craze" I guess. Auctions are kind of a tricky thing to use to use as a price guide.
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Saw a even nicer one at the knob Creek show back in April for sale for around 9k maybe a little more. I talked to the seller there and he said if it don't sell here it goes to Gunbroker. And to think how much something goes up in five years the market is crazy right now. To think a BCD42 sells for over 5k and a byf44 sales for over 4k just to name a few.

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