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Gew98 Navy reunion


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Well this turned out to be quite an interesting endeavor. I purchased my one and only 1902 Naval Gewehr 98 almost three years ago and have been quite happy ever since. But something interesting turned up a few weeks ago. I saw a really cool navy unit marked Simson 1902 S1898 bayonet that was listed on Gunboards for sale. The scabbard was not matching no big deal it's still a Navy unit marked piece. What caught my eye was why does that unit marking seem very familiar. So I went down to my safe and looked through the old threads and boom this blade is unit marked matching to my Navy rifle. It is only separated by a few hundred rifles from each other. But still how often do you find the Navy unit mark matching bayonet to your Navy unit marked Gewehr! I don't very often lol. Could not be more then happy.

Now if only I can find the unit marked matching muzzle cover! :ROFLMAO:


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That must be a rare coincidence for sure. Do you know anything about the unit itself? I'd be interested in hearing more about them.

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