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Gotta love this restamp serial number "vet bring back"


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It is kind of hard to tell as you don't get a good picture, but does it look to anyone else like the bolt handle is bent at an odd angle? Almost like they took a straight one and bent it.

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Is it illegal that the serial number appears to be scrubbed from the receiver?
This one for sure because the original serial number was scrubbed and that doesn't look like MO font. It's not like scrubbing the bolt group to match or anything, they went for the original serial number. What's funny is that the bolt group doesn't match but looks like it's been buffed or scrubbed too

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I can't tell if the fake stamp in the picture i grabbed is an sszza4 stamp or just a fake WaA"something"4, or something not sure of. There's a lot there but didn't have time to get the pics and resize them. I figured it is being passed as original with a lot of fake stamps and fonts.
Edit: now not fake as i thought
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This lovely all matching K98. I guess its not restamping if you just grind off the non-matching numbers.


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Guys, we all know the Germans ground down serial numbers to make their K98s matching for a higher resale value

This is 100% legit


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We are early in this thread, but I have a feeling this is going to end up in the 98kforum thread hall of fame.


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Once the auction ends I’ll be happy to discuss it, but all the info is already out there.


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To me, the size and the font of the stock numbers look awfully good and it appears to be Steyr stock, but I've never seen a receiver with a rough ground area before on one of these.
Where's Mr. Farb when you need him? o_O 🤪 :ROFLMAO:

I think we should continue discussion when the auction ends

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