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Gotta love this restamp serial number "vet bring back"


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I thought a grinder was a sub-sandwich.

I think it's also a dating app for males only... we pranked a buddy in my service unit into downloading it, thinking it was a regular dating site app. It was only when a few guys started messaging him that he finally figured it out


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Time for a discussion

This rifle is an authentic SSZZA4 built from a salvaged receiver, a byf41 marked receiver to be exact. To start, the 2 major categories I put these in are reworks and builds. The reworks seem to be first in the series (in as much as we can tell from the breed- its really speculation, both could potentially be done at the same time, but in our world we need seperation). When they reworked guns, they took the receiver serial number and used it as the weapon serial number. This rifle leads me to believe even more that reworks were early and builds were later. The barrel serial is typical of later SSZZA4 builds - serial placement, SSZZA4 placement, etc - so you know this rifle was meant as a build.

On this rifle, the receiver was reclaimed. Quite a few comments about the ground serial number, and suggestions that it was incorrect or altered to remove a mismatch serial. It actually was - the original serial had to be removed to use the receiver in a build, so it was. I'm not sure why its surprising to some, except for a lack of understanding about the German depot system in general. Things were recycled, more later in the war than early, but nonetheless recycled parts were routinely ground and renumbered. Many K98k parts were evacuated from the Posen depot system ahead of the Russian advance, with many parts ending up in regular production lines as seen at Mauser and Brünn Its one reason collecting reworks is a minefield, work done in 1945 can be duplicated any time since. When viewing reworks, you have to see the whole of the gun and compare fonts, workmanship, blueing. Its all relevant.

Add to that, this sub species of SSZZA4 is rarely found - I haven't gone through my data to see if there are others reported, but surely they exist. The majority of these are built using new components supplied by Gusen production to the SS depots, perhaps for just this program. Notice this rifle also has an "H" front band - not as common, but perfectly correct for SSZZA4 builds and reworks. Even flat buttplate stocks are seen.

The price was good IMO - the pitting on the rear sight base and other part, plus the bad images hurt the final value IMO, but the buyer got a real bolt mismatch SSZZA4 rifle.


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So what do you think? I thought it was good although I haven’t seen one with the numbers scrubbed off the receiver.

we'll never see every variation of everything ever made and this is what makes this fun. Im surprised it didn't go higher honestly being what it was. The interest in SS and depot built stuff is defiantly growing for sure. I hope someone here bought it an posts it with much better photos. The rifle makes sense and the scrubbing of receivers goes back the DH reworks so makes sense they would continue that practice.
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News flash - while saving the images, I found this one - note serial grinding on receiver. Also, note that the Beschußstempel was purposely saved on both, another gentle clue:


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Kurmark build on a salvaged MO receiver. Lack of stock acceptance and keel serial is spot on. Bolt while MM is interesting in itself. Dudes pictures stink IMHO


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There is one almost exactly like it in the book, a vz24 receiver that had the SN removed, and you can still barely see the E Lion acceptance. The workmanship on this one is worse.

Volume II pg. 757


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Not too many years ago this kind of thing was more frequent and I was able to score my best and favorite reworks and depot builds cheap. That's why you never saw me commenting on these type threads. If this site did not exist I'd still be racking up wins cheap as Gunboreds and Fakebook are primarily poorly moderated blithering, bollocks, postcounts, and clickbait. If you must collect by committee make sure you are in the proper committee ;)

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