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Gustloff Service Stamp Question

Steve K

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Does anyone know why Gustloff stopped the application of the service acceptance stamp in the right stock face during mid-1942 through 1943? I’m wondering if because Gustloff was owned/operated by the NSDAP, and this period coincides with the first big expansion of the Waffen SS, they anticipated a large percentage of the Gustloff production might go to the WSS instead of the army. Thank you.


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That deletion by several of the contractors had no relationship with the SS.
The elimination of that inspection was part of the rationalization program realized in 1942.
At some point these stock inspections were reintroduced, mostly in early 1944.

Steve K

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Thanks very much for the information. Interesting that it was adopted by some of the manufacturers, but not all.


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Much of what happened at the manufacturers didn’t really follow protocols to the letter. For example dou, started production in 1942 under the rules for simplification (rationalization) but even in 44 didn’t adopt the Eagle H, but the sister plant did use eagle H.

Many quality issues came from the simplification protocols, which is why they reintroduced some of the inspections again.

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