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How to place value on a Ku Luger?


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I'm looking at a couple Ku Lugers, I'll post a few pics, and the buyers description: Here's the first one:

"All the small parts for serial number Ku4318ns are marked 18. The wood grips are in excellent condition and fit tight and are marked 4318 with the left plate having a safety chip. The bore is excellent with a 4-inch (101.6mm) barrel that has 95% of its bluing remaining. It includes one great condition magazine with a bakelite base and engraving of 1027 — it also has magazine body markings of FXO, SE, 37, and P08."

Looking at a price of around 3500$, no tax, private sale, however, this one just sold on gunbroker, I had actually expected it to go higher: If I were to have bought that pistol my final costs would have been close to 2700$.

And finally, here is a rig that Legacy just recently sold:

So, with the limited info in hand what would be a fair price for a Ku Luger in this condition? as pictured......3500$ (asking) seems too high, and that's where it sits right about now, but that's before I've haggled (or attempted to, :) )


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Maybe some people are finally accepting that these are simply depot builds and not some rare exotic Luger made by Krieghoff. But I doubt it. They are over valued imo, and to me the sreisal one sold for what they are WORTH. Yours at $3500 price seems high, more than I would pay.- I’d rather be at $2600-2800 on a nice one. Luger collectors hate reworks and depot stuff, not sure why they like kü’s still.


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I agree with mrfarb. Somewhere in the range of 2500-3000.

Some have accepted what these are, but not enough. I do my part to spread the word, but I am sure the rumored Krieghoff book from Tom at Legacy will include these and set us back for decades.


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I have a hard time comprehending how anyone who considers themselves an “advanced” or knowledgeable collector of P.08s could not know that they were LZA builds. I picked one up last year and the price was $3000. I set the price. I could have gotten it for $1500. I thought $3k appropriate fair retail.

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