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HZa Jt Luger


Here is a Luger P08 rework, 1915 WWI Luger, artillery type receiver., served Imperial German Army, Reichswehr and probably Wermacht:


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Baby Face
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It's a reworked DWM LP08 from 1915, and Ingolstatdt worked on it twice.

The E/ZaJt is a a very early depot acceptance and probably dates to the early 1930s. The other acceptance (HZaJt3) is a second rework and dates to the middle of WW2, probably around 1941-1944.

For some reason, Ingolstatdt reworked Lugers are very often reworked twice like this one. Not sure why.


No War Eagles For You!
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Myself, I think it’s possibly a situation of continued use of the early stamp with the later stamp. Like Ryan I see them very often with both - I’ve never collected data to see if some major rework features of dual stamped guns overlap (such as barrel replacement). Honestly reworked Lugers have been looked down on for a long time so no serious study has been done, but Ryan is changing that.


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Very nice. I wonder if the barrel and rear toggle link was replaced at the time of this rework or much earlier. I’ve seen examples of 3rd Reich era artillery conversions where the rear sight was actually dovetailed into the original rear toggle link and done so well it was difficult to tell without a loop. If this rework did not include the actual 4inch conversion I wonder what was done to it? It does not appear to have been reblued during this re-work but maybe re-strawed during the rework just judging the outstanding condition and tone of the straw that can be seen.


Quite nice. Reworked pistols such as this are a story unto themselves. I have several and they are all quite different.

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