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I tried the MG13-G43 mag conversion today....

Apex has MG13 mags for 18 bucks each, so I decided to give it a go.

I ground off the front tab, welded on a piece of angle iron and had the front fitting well. The magazine has to be cut in the rear right corner to make clearance for the bolt catch. (An unmodified mag will keep the bolt hold open in place) That took some guessing and file work, but I finally figured it out. Now, the tricky part was recutting the magazine latch. I cut, welded and cut again a few times. The magazine now latches in rock solid but I boogered up the inner track where the magazine follower rides. Sadly, I still cannot get it to feed reliably. Follower jams, rounds arent high enough to catch the new cartridge, feed angle is just a tad off. Maybe Ill get it right on the second looks really cool though.

Joseph Burke

Senior Member
It doesn't look cool at all. The only larger capacity magazines I've seen that look cool are the 20 rd examples, but my wallet doesn't identify with those as being affordable.
Well I don't identify with your opinion of cool and you are therefore banned to my safe space.

These magazines are fickle and I only own 1 original and 1 repro. Feed angle seems to be the fly in the ointment. I think high cap G43 mags are like SKS mags.....never intended to run with them, some are better than others but you cant beat original.


Nothing wrong with hobbyists making gun stuff for fun. I made one that works great out of a ZB26/30 magazine. Those are scarce now, but when I bought mine it was like 20 bucks.

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