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Identification of a Mauser bolt - found at the Bulge


Just arrived and already asking for help :)

While detecting at the Bulge, I found the following piece of equipment: a Mauser bolt (with curved lever) in rather good condition, but without the rest of the gun (I searched all around .. nothing.)
Could you help me identifying it ?

My first observations (after I partially dismantled it):

* All numbers are coherent (they all (at least) finish by 82). Fullest number reads 4582 (or maybe 1582)
* No swastika, but eagles (Weimar eagles ?)
* "something" like a "0" topped by a crown under one of the eagles
* a big "G" in the firing pin block (sorry, I do not know all the english terms, but you will recognize the parts on the pictures)
* double "o" forming a "8" at one place, and quadruple forming a Four Leaf Clover at another place
* a double "Y" stamp - looks like the first was not deep enough (on the corner", and therefore re-stamped (just my assumption)

Voilà .... The pictures will tell you more :)
Many thanks in advance for your wise infos.



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It's a bolt from a WW1-era Kar98a, which could have still been in service in the 40s. The markings are imperial German.
WOW - impressive knowledge !
Many thanks !

Could you detail the markings and what they mean for my education, if that would be possible ?


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First welcome and neat find. I don't have much to add however this appears to be a double letter block suffix (ff or hh?) which would mean this had to be WW1 Erfurt production. Hopefully a more knowledgable member will jump in with more info.

double letter block.jpg


RKI- Reasonably Knowledgable Individual
It's a long story but he might have been able to connect the Germans, time travel and alien technology.
HEllo Jack,

Yes, we have considered that possibility.

During the Battle of Liège (WW1), the 43th Brigade was stationed in the vicinity, but I haven't found out if there were battles there.

Further, the only German troops there in 44 were Luftwaffe and SS, no Volksturm would could have had this old equipment.
So perhaps a Luftwaffe ? I don't see the SS - with their shiny new King Tigers - satisfy itself with WW1 Mausers ...

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