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Interesting Gew 98m Purchase


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Greetings all,

I picked up this Gewehr 98m recently, and I can't find a whole lot of information about it. It's a complete mixmaster with the only parts matching being the barrel, receiver, front sight, front sight base, and the sear. The stock is completely unmarked except for a small "A" stamped directly behind the trigger guard. The bolt and buttplate do not appear to be German. All other parts are German Imperial marked. Any ideas on this one? I'm having a hard time finding anything about it. There are no import marks. Thanks in advance for the info!


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Take it out of the wood and post pics of all of the barrel markings. That's probably the only way to figure out much about it.
Looks like it might be worth hunting down a proper bolt for it. Somebody somewhere is looking for that Czech bolt. ;)
If it was mine I'd install takedown discs in that fine looking stock to make it like a 98m.
How's the bore?
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Ha Ha, Your right, I got all hung up on how nice the wood was and stupidly missed the absence of the pistol grip! o_O 🤪:ROFLMAO:


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Thanks everyone. I've been looking for an original Gew 98 stock with no luck. Any ideas where I could find one?

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Most likely this is a Spanish stock based on the wood grain and style.

My understanding is a large number of G98m's went to Spain.... Can't say that is this ones history, but based on the stock, I would say that is a Spanish stock. Whether it was put in it here or there is hard to say.

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