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K98 High Turret Mount Sniper


Greetings, Can you guys tell me your opinion on this rifle? I live in Slovakia and also this rifle is from there. Here In Slovakia is a small chance to come across with a K98 not mentioning with a scoped one... So this rifle got my interest but I dont know much about them and i wonder if its not to fake... I attached some photos here but thats all Ive got. I am gonna meet owner of this rifle but not until monday. Dude wants 2000€ for it.


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Hello Bunik,

is there no marking on the scope?
It should be easy to see on top of the eyepiece.

Take a look at a original Variant here in the photo.



Sad to say, a bad gun. Its been assembled so not an original sniper, basically a shooter.
You should pass on the purchase.
Hi bruce98k

Thanks for advice. Owner admited that stock was reassembled from different rifle but seeing your reaction there must be more then I thought.

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at the very least, the turret rings are recent repro, the originals weren’t split & secured by screws. in the 1st photo, you can see that they have not been tightened down. I have never tried to fit repro rings to authentic bases but I’d wager that those are repro as well. The front bell of the scope looks too long & of course larger diameter, it may contact the rear sight if fully tightened down.
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