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K98 Rifle BYF 44 Matching Semi KreigsModell ?


What are your thoughts on this Mauser Rifle?
I am not a gun guy but I took a chance because of the price.
I did some research, and it appears to be ok regarding the following :

1. L block series
2. Wa 135
3. Semi K-modell being a mixture of parts is ok?
4.All matching that I can see

Hopefully I did ok

Thank you for the help


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Welcome aboard, congrats upon becoming an instant "gun guy", & we see much better than just "ok" here!
In fact, off to a fine start w/ this textbook L block.
This stock may have an internal s/n, & if so, do hope that it's matching. Disassembly & inspection are hereby requested.
SKM features would mostly be found a bit later in '44.
As others have said . The rifle is correct and nice and just needs a lug and pin. Easy find.. I really like the way you uploaded your photos ! teach us...
This site isnt the easiest to load photos.
By the late 'k' block of Oberndorf 1944 production, all stock, handguard, and stock hardware serials were eliminated.
In addition the floorplate serial was eliminated as well as the safety SN.
The only late Oberndorf K98ks that have an internal stock serial number are the turret equipped rifles.

In sum late 1944 and all 1945 production have the following serial numbers (non snipers):

1. Receiver (Full serial number) with letter suffix.
2. Bolt (last 4 digits with any letter suffix)
3. Bolt shroud (last 4 digits)
4. Cocking piece (last 2 digits)
5. Firing pin (last 2 digits)

That's all folks - just 5 sets of numbers.

This encompasses late 'k' block, all of the 'l' and 'n' blocks (1944), and all 1945 production - byf 45, svw 45, and swb MB.
Also the last reported turret rifles are in in the early svw 45 range with none reported with serials associated with svw MB coded guns.
would the e/4 ‘B’ marked bolt stop likely be from a much earlier rifle, or were there ‘leftover’ parts from Simson that were used later @ MO? (There are some bolt stops similarly marked in Dave’s treasures, I’d like to represent them accurately when I offer them here)

I have actually seen a spare Kar98b bolt installed in an 'n' block assembly (one of our members has the rifle now).
So it it perfectly plausible to have a BSW or SImson armorers part used in any of the late war Obendorf builds.

There are a plethora of blued Astrawerke bolt bodies used in 1945 production (most in byf 45 builds).
And we know from other contractors (Brunn I mainly) that there was a diversion of large quantities of armorers spares to several
of the K98k manufacturers. This was likely due to the closing of the depots in the East as Mike and I have discussed.

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