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K98k / Gevär/40 German-Swedish-Israeli Mystery Rifle

Hello! First, Thank you for accepting me! I'm a German/ Israeli firearms dealer, based in Schaumburg. I come across German K98k all day, but sometimes I have to wonder what exactly I'm holding in my hands. So, what I have here is one of these guns I can't wrap my head around. It is a 337 K98k system, made by Gustloff in 1940, that was obviously transferred to Zahal after WW2 and converted to 7,62x51. But: It also has S.S. on the left side of the system, meaning it was at one time accepted by the Swedish military. It also has a threaded muzzle, it's not matching numbers in any way, nor does it has matching parts for the period it was produced in. Let's not go into why it was sporterized or for that matter- nickel plated... I don't know! I bought it- because it's Israeli, but kept it because I never came across such a weapon! Any thoughts?

PS Living in Germany most of my life, my English isn't pretty, I apologize for any misspellings etc.!



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Hi schaum, you should post this in the Mauser Rifles 1945 to Present Day section, your question might be noticed more quickly. You're right though, while an abomination, that rifle is an interesting abomination. And your English is at least as good as mine, and I don't have the excuse of starting somewhere else!

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