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K98k Laminate Stock Date and Supplier Codes

Muncher 1953

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I get Monday, July 31. I think the only correction to your above is that the first week of the year is the one that contains the 4th.
I think we’re counting the weeks the same, but since Monday of the 31st week is July 31, (day 1) wouldn’t the 2nd day be Tuesday August 1st? The code is 2 31 4…….. 2= Tuesday?

Phantom Man

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This is a late model stock from a Russian capture. Appear to me to be. Recoil lug #26 then butt end.
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Not a complete rifle, but I have a duffle cut, flat buttplate stock, M.O. WaA 655 s/n 1330 q with stock channel date of 2-21-40. Also a faint ink stamp "5" in the channel. and laminate code "P" below the grip.


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Found today a stock complete with metal parts for an early 1937 BSW in letter A. The handguard, numbered with the right writing fonts, is glued laminated! I had never seen glued laminated pieces so early at BSW!

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