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Karabiner Vol.II A&B (Karem & Steves) IN STOCK

No --- just sales talk (for those who don't know me) and I'm with you ---- not much or a fan of the IRS. I'm still paying income tax and paying into SS and I'm 82!!!!! I AM a fan however of the SECOND AMMENDMENT!!! Big fan. Always have been - my dad owned a gun shop - opened in '48 attached to the front of our house in Endicott, NY. Been around guns all my life - started shooting at age 5. Never owned a BB gun. My dad did give me a M1 Carbine for my 12th b'day!!! A beautiful Winchester. He also gave me a 600 canister of surplus ammo and said "have fun laddy"!!! Taught me all about guns, shooting, hunting, gun safety, etc. at a very young age. Used to be a U.S. Civil War Musket and Carbine dealer and collector before I switched to selling gun books for a living in 1983. Started going to gun shows in the early '50's. Jap rifles were $1.00, etc. M1 Carbines were $18.00 from the NRA in like 1962 or something.
Kevin - thank you for your purchase - will ship tomorrow.

Kev - SMART PURCHASE - these will be $200 a set in the VERY VERY near future and a LOT LOT LOT more in a year or two.

I am contemplating a price increase to $165 now as the few others that have ANY left are already around $200 a set.

Mike P - Shooting Gallery Books (ebay) 4/18/23

I just received the books; I must admit, they were packaged extremely well! Now, I just have to enjoy it without the kids putting their hands on them, until they're older of course..

Kevin - pleased you are pleased. I've been packin and shippin books now for 40 years - I think I got it down - never have any issues. Have sold almost 300 sets of Karabiner Vol.II --- not a single report of a book arriving with ANY damage.

Enjoy and come again soon - I stock all the best gun books.

Mike P - Shooting Gallery Books
Just got my copy earlier today! Extremely fast shipping and expertly packed. His communication throughout was excellent. If anyone is looking for a copy of “the book”, Mr. Mike (Shooting Gallery Books) is the way to go. Buy direct for a better price! Overall, I can tell he takes pride in delivering to his customers. Thank you again Mr. Mike!
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Also bought the set and received a few days ago. Thanks, Mike! They were indeed packaged very well/securely. Also bought a copy of 'Training Rifles of the Third Reich Germany' by Robert Simpson so I could familiarize myself better with the DSMs/KKWs. Highly recommend checking out Shooting Gallery Books, there's definitely some neat stuff in addition to "the book"

Thanks again, Mike!
If anyone is looking for Karabiner Volume II (Books A & B) - k98k's 1939-1944 is still have a "limited stock" of brand new books sourced directly from the authors (Karem & Steves) at Third Party Press. See "ShootingGalleryBooks" on ebay. I was their #1 retailer and got the last they sold wholesale. SGB's
Also sell "direct" --- no Sales Tax - Pay Pal & or CC's accepted.
Alex - Super - enjoy. And THANK YOU for your purchase.

Order direct like Alex, Dewald, Kevin, etc. HERE for $165.00 plus $17.10 for USPS "Priority Mail" - $182.10 total. No Sales Tax. If you buy from me on EBAY , EBAY adds ST. Beyond sellers control.

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