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Kasten fur Gurtfuller 16?


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Hi folks I’m wondering if anyone has an original box that they might be able to make some measurements of for me? I’m completing/restoring an original that I have about 60% of, and have the basic box worked out but need some measurement on some thx! John p


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Yes thank you! It’s my go-to and guide for my own collection. Great resource and I have it open all the time for reference. There’s also a couple good closed auction pages with great detailed pics that I’m using. And I can get pretty close on measurements using the photos, but was hoping someone here might have one to confirm! Thx again.


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I asked the the owner of the HP if he would assist you in your plans. He said that you should write him and ask for more details. He would need pix of what you have already so he could provide you with exactly the data you require!
If you're interested, please send me a PM.


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I have one in storage with all the accessories. If you still need measurements I can probably help out on that.

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