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KL 1933 Erfurt Luger


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Recently purchased the attached shown KL 1933 marked Luger. It is well worn and surely has seen a lot of use (and abuse?), but it survived with an matching numbers magazine, as well as being quite affordable. Hence I could not pass on it. @RyanE already told me that this isn't a Police but a Military Luger, so I hope it is in the correct sub-section of this forum.


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Have been quietly poking around for a Kl. luger. Only the second one I've seen with a matching magazine. I like it.
Did this other one also feature a wooden base magazine? I'd be keen to learn if they originally were issued with one or two magazines, and if a potential spare magazine had a + or a 2 added to the serial?
Good question. It's been quite a while since I've seen it, and I thought it really odd at the time. I'm pretty sure it was wooden, and I don't believe it had any other identifying marks. I shoulda done a screenshot, which I usually do with odd stuff like that. In fact, there just haven't been many Kl. lugers for sale recently here at all. It seem like over the last couple of years there always seemed to be one or two about on the internet somewhere for sale. I haven't seen one for many months (except the completely mismatched one on GB here a while back...upper and lower from two different pistols).
Some info for the rest of us following the thread.
So does the mainstream of the Luger world accept these as being depot built, or do they also have some dumbass story to explain their existence as well? Maybe they belonged to WW1 fighter pilots or something.
Like anything they have a few ideas, some more silly than others.

"Kadetten Institut"
Emil Klett Waffenfabrik (for Simson because of course)

In fairness, the good Luger book (Gortz/Sturgess) admits it's HZa Kassel. So at least some of them know. The Klett thing is somewhat popular though.

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