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Kriegsmodell book pricing


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Hmmm, I wonder why anyone would sell it? Especially since this isn't a plain jane sale copy. They'll have to pry my copies out of my cold dead fingers....


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They have sold for more, though I have never sold a collector edition before. We sold a couple for $250-300 range when they went o/s everywhere, though most sold for $150 or so.

Maybe this guy just needed the money? It is a quick way to turn a couple hundred, though I try not to sell books unless I have a duplicate; I'd sell a rifle before a good book, but I like books.


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I agree completely SimsonSuhl! The book is amazing and a collectible in and of itself. I was asleep at the beginning and it took me forever to find a copy. I collector's reference library is as important as the collection itself. I intend to be more attentive when Volume I is published!

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