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Luftpark marked Dutch Mannlicher carbine


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This is one of the Dutch No.3 Artillery carbines that was captured and put to subsequent use by the Luftwaffe following rework at a Luftpark. Surprisingly, it retained it's odd hand guard. They're usually missing on this type, but this one is cracked. It is all matching and the bolt has been blued, like alot of captured rifles and carbines. There's no depot stamp on the wrist, but considering the other marking on this, I wouldn't have expected to find one.

The left side of the butt stock is marked with an upper case 'U,' the meaning of which doesn't appear to be precisely known yet. One theory holds that it indicates a training rifle, which was the likely use for many Beutewaffen, if surviving photos are any indication. Another possibility is that the 'U' is short for 'Überprüft,' or 'inspected.' The left side of the receiver is electro-penned with 'Lp. P,' which thanks to RyanE's excellent research, we now know is likely to indicate Luftpark Padderborn. The Luftpark reworks are usually Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifles, but Mike/Rockisle1903 posted a similarly marked M1938 Carcano Moschetto in February of this year.







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Very nice! Have to wonder how many of these Luftpark rifles are out there unnoticed? Too bad about the handguard, but cracks there are not uncommon. Looks like someone removed the sling swivels too.


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Thanks! I wonder the same thing, and for many others with marks not widely or popularly known.

The rear swivel is still present, but that begs questions as to why the front would be removed...? I can only imagine why.


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I forgot to post this up before: note the sign in the background on the right.


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Great carbine. I wonder how many I’ve missed.

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Very cool!! Thanks for sharing that one. That reminds me of a couple of reports that a contact in the Netherlands shared with me. He excavated sites occupied by Luftwaffe ground units which included shooting ranges, etc. Among the ammo and cartridge types found were 6.5 Dutch among distinctly German items.

Thanks again! (y)


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