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Ryan, you confuse other sites and forums with ours. What you are doing is how I got banned from WAF and Gunboards. You naively assume that everyone wants the truth.

This was what I was posting before the thread lock:

The problem is that the fakery, at a very high level of sophistication at times, has been going on for over 30 years. People compare fakes to fakes. There are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes and there are those quite heavily invested in fakes and reputations are at stake. If a forum or site censors such discussions for the stated reason of “maintaining civility,” then the question becomes what one values more, truth or “civility”? Feigned “civility” is how the Great Champagne Rune Fraud lasted 30+ years in helmet collecting. I’ve been admin and moderating collector forums in one form or another for 30 years. You can’t have “civility” and truth co-exist completely. That’s because the flak is always heaviest over the target.

After awhile though, transparency and truth smooth out the edges because those who intentionally create problems to lock a thread or invoke censorship realize that strategy not only fails but backfires. This is a discussion and debate that IMHO needs an open, transparent, and comprehensive hashing out for the integrity of the hobby.


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From that forum…


Everything IS fake until proven otherwise. That’s how collectibles work. Why is that controversial, and why does it matter if feelings get hurt? New members need to hear about fakes too.
Just watching from the sideline. One might even assume this martin08 is the one selling the obvious bogus pistol by his curious defense of it. The flaws are obvious on the pistol in question.
What an odd thread. I’m used to the methods employed by this forum and its members.
I've been accused of being a lot of things, but naive isn't one of them. :ROFLMAO:

Well, you either knew it would be locked or thought that forum observed our rules and customs. Few do. 😉 If you persist in bucking that system you’re going to get suspended and then banned. It matters not how “diplomatic” you choose to be because the rules will be interpreted liberally against you and conservatively against your assailants. The truth antagonizes those against whom it operates more than anything. Hence the tyranny and abuses we see in the world today.
The "1942 HK" in that thread is garbage and there is no shortage of them.

Classic example of old- school faking.
DWM frame is just the beginning on this gem.
I actually see nothing good there.
Not even the grips.

Poor old guy got slimed by one of the old snakes.
I REALLY do not like that part.
I would love to see Martin08 or Ed actually come to our forum and discuss this here where it won't be locked or censored. Truth is they can't stand true, open, free discuss without moderators deleting stuff.

We don't agree on somethings but at least old nutty Ford posts here. I'll respect him for that much.
Best, most hilarious part of the thread...

RyanE says -- I'm confused. Do you think the GB pistol is good or not? Your posts suggest that you think it's ok.

Martin08 Reply -- Until someone puts up proof, can't one play devil's advocate?

SHOW me the EVIDENCE to support "good or not". That's all I'm saying. Show, don't just tell.

Hahaha ok, riiiiiight, devil's advocate.... Whatever, what a bunch of garbage.
The glaring issue is this: why won’t the moderators allow a free and open discussion of a matter of significance and import to the integrity of the P.08 collecting hobby? Purportedly because the search for truth must be sacrificed because of claims that “civility” and feelings must be protected?

It reminds me of WAF’s conduct over discussion of XRFacts and the Great Champagne Rune Fraud, two of the biggest hoaxes in helmet collecting in my lifetime.

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