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M18 Cutout Helmet


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I took a gamble on an M18 cutout helmet that was posted on ebay. Had a couple layers of postwar paint, no liner rusty and "looked" right. I noticed that the seller must have been asked to try and uncover the markings and looking at the pics realized he had removed the paint from the wrong side of the skirt. Anyway, I picked it up and carefully removed the paint on the other side of the skirt and uncovered what I believe is the correct ET64 marking. I normally like complete and original helmets but these are so high priced and tough to find I grabbed it. Anyone that can verify the markings? Hoping Ruffin has some time to add this to his list of work in the not too distant future. ;)


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very nice and correct.. prairie flower co. has the best repro liners and chinstraps IMHO or maybe find an original doner. This restored as straight green or camo would be nice or even a transitional DD..
Thanks, I was sweating it for a bit but am stoked now. I had a relic of one years ago that I sold for about what I paid for this. It's going to be a DD Transitional. Not sure if I will use an M18 type liner or an early M31 un-reinforced liner I have.
You may be able to strip the post war paint off to uncover the original green paint. Coupled with a nice repro, or even original liner assembly it would be a great restored helmet.
Another fine piece of work by Ruffin (Rex 1939). Very happy with this restoration of an original helmet with a previous nasty post war repaint.


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