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What is the value of an early war variant K98 that is matching? What is the value if it is a bolt or stock mismatch?

Looking to see what the prices on rifles are these days.



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Depends on a wide range of factors and who is evaluating them.... noobs... collectors? Noobs will pay more and collectors necessarily won’t because they are more stringent.

Also, depends on where you are/how you are purchasing them. Prices are literally all over the pLace right now.

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I would also add that the collectors are more likely to shy away from a piece if they have at least one or two examples that they feel meets that spec of rifle. Meaning they might only purchase it if they feel it is a good deal meaning below market value.

I base market value on watching what guns sell for on here gunbroker and a few other sites.

I would think a Pre war rifle all matching with unmolested stock is worth $2600-4400 depending on the rarity.

The value drops exponentially when something is incorrect


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its an endless answer to some what simple question.. Its a math problem with endless variables..

But, from what im seeing right now average scarcity matching guns are selling 1800-3k on any given day. Honest MM bolt rifles cut that in half.

Above average in cond. and scarcity sell for 1-2k more than the high est. of 3k.

This is all based off the last 6 months or so watching GB and trader here..

There are always exceptions though.

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