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MAS 45 Ejector Source?


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I have had a MAS 45 for quite some time now, well past 20 years and I am finding I rarely shoot it anymore because the ejector has gotten so lame the empty cartridge case just falls off the extractor and lays in the way of the next round.

I have checked every on-line parts house that I can think of to acquire a new ejector for this old rifle and have come up empty handed. So, I ask you fellow members of the K98K forum, does anyone know of a source for this part? Does anyone have an extra one that is laying around and is bored with this quarantine stuff and wants to relocate to a place with four seasons and usually plenty of snow that they would part with? Does anyone have a drawing of the part so I might try making one? Your insight into this matter is greatly appreciated!


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Just checked my MAS 45. The ejector is a small rectangular tab that is fixed in the bottom of the feed ramp area. Unless it is worn I don't think that is your problem. Rather, I think that the extractor spring tension is weak and doesn't firmly hold the fired case firmly against the face of the bolt. The case drops out before it meets the ejector or is too loosely held for ejection when he bolt is retracted. Or the extractor hook has been worn to much to hold the case. A new extractor will be hard to find. My first thought is to remove the extractor and gently bend it to improve its tension. I shouldn't take much more than a very gentle application of pressure to restore tension. This is a tempered part and overbending could break break it. If you are not comfortable with this suggestion then a competent gunsmith should be able to confirm my suspicions and sort out a fix.

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