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Meet and greet with Jory today


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Wait a minute? I can recognize that hat on that briefcase from anywhere, that's Bruce's lucky hat! I was going to try to swap that hat out for a cheap one I picked up at Walmart, but Bruce moves way too fast at the SOS show.

Either way glad to hear you two had a good meet up. I'm sure if you pulled out your entire collection Bruce, and tried to set it on that table it would collapse most likely!
I always love the museum you can touch. Collectors with large collections that share it are the best. Have 2 in my area and always leave with so much more knowledge then before.

And of course. In echo, a pristine group.


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Guys at some point I will divest myself of the collection and alot of it will be offered here.
But not just yet.

Jory brought some very cool stuff:

byf44 'l' block with c stock
WaA140 FN Greek (stunning rifle)
bnz45 't' block in laminate
byf41 Commonwealth capture

and a very cool tricked out Daniel Defense M4 with unique trigger mechanism

All excellent!


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This looks like such a cool meet up! I’m driving across the country this winter and am planning to stop by Jory’s place to check out his collection. Can stop by your place as well Bruce? I’ll bring beer… 😂😉


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Looks like a good day to drive the speed limit! You would make the news with 25 rifles in the car! Awesome grouping!
I certainly wasn't breaking any land speed records coming back from SoS with a trunk full this year 🤣
But I was always told Americans love Bud Light??
False. Hale, when you visit, scotch is mandatory. A nice highland single malt would be preferred. Thanks in advance. 😎 *this requirement only applies to Hale, btw.

The day was awesome! If you really like K98k’s, it doesn’t get much better than today. 😎
Jory, One of these days, you can make a longer drive and come see a bunch of lame imperial and interwar stuff. 🍻
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