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Mp44 in 5.56


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Why not? Great idea for a shooter. Given the choice, why would you want to get stuck with an obsolete cartridge? 7.62x 39 even better. Looks great.
Are you building them from Dingo's stuff?
Yes Tor and Cory from DK productions have been awesome to work with. And for all the purest I am building one that’s in the original caliber. Getting a 8mm barrel blank Took some time to get. I will start working on it when the new gun smell wears off .
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Looks great! Unlike the HMG sturmgewhers, this one actually exists!
Very cool. I bet the 556 is soft shooting. I’d like to have one. Looks like a Galil mag
Good eye on catching the galil mag at least the lower half of it is the upper half is a standard AR mag cut in half and welded back together underneath the mag well stop. It had the closest radius to a standard mp44 mag.1F25152C-EB5D-4D72-A993-C023B56F0284.jpeg


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Looks terrific - what great metal work!

Would take a little more work and that mag, other than being a tad wide, could also be made to look like an MP44 too.
Here’s a few photos of the internal trigger housing. I used a standard AR hammer and standard AR sear that I cut the trigger off of. I used the standard MP44 trigger and safety. Welded a rocker arms on to the sear and trigger. Built a drive rod to operate the sear from the trigger. Then cut the front out of the trigger housing and made plates to hold the hammer In place. drill a hole for where the new sear would be placed in the lower trigger housing welded up a few holes that were not needed.B81F330B-C03B-4887-B94A-3F31DFC6C7CE.jpeg0A6DDBF6-0C40-4876-AFC3-1C316A03BBF2.jpeg26012E0C-4D34-4A10-A1A3-A62D85876D38.jpeg
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How to keep your paws cool while shooting a rifle with a stamped sheet metal hand guard.
I purchased some heat shield from the local auto parts store with a sticky back placed it inside of the handguard. I was able to shoot 80 rounds and still was able to hold on to the rifle probably could’ve shot more but I only brought 80 rounds of ammo. The only place on the handguard that was getting hot was towards the front where it comes in close contact with the barrel.
The stick on gold heat shield is actually better and can withstand higher temperatures I’m going to order some of this and try it on the other hand guard but so far the silver Heat shield is holding up.
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