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Need help identifying this k98!

I have this k98 that I believe to be a 1944, my main question is why the stock is cut short up front? Also if I wanted to get a compatible stock that looks like every other k98, would I need a ww2 German? I didn’t get any info when I bought it but did slight research. Appreciate any infoIMG_1999.jpegIMG_2003.jpegIMG_2002.jpeg
I looks like sporterised the buttstock by someone, otherway its a slovakian production dou.44 of normal Kar98k.
very helpful

Very useful information
take a look at the “reference section” of this site for rifles of the same year & code, to get an idea of what it ‘should’ look like.
Yes the front of the stock was cut & reshaped, you are missing the bayonet lug w/pin, upper & lower bands, & band spring. from your 1st & 3rd photos, I can see that the recoil lug has been replaced by a special aftermarket one, designed to attach a “no drill” scope mount, brand is ‘brass stacker’, ‘bone collector’ or ‘combat hunting’ or similar. the normal configuration is a plain head on the left of the stock with a round nut with 2 pin holes on the right. yours is 2 hex socket drive button head screws, one on each side, made to attach the cage-style scope mount. (never, ever used in-period, strictly recent aftermarket) If you intend to fire the rifle, be sure the action screws are tight, as well as those 2 buttonheads. You may well find the stock or metal parts you need here on our Trader.
Thank you for taking the time to inform me and help me with this site, my dad cant help himself with putting on useless accessories it really is a shame. hopefully I can get it looking like it should.

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