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New Guy has questions about 660 code 1940 G.29/40 with Navy Markings

New guy has questions about a 660 Code 1940 G29/40 with Navy Markings. I have an all matching 660 code G29/40 K98 with the Navy M marking on one side of the stock and O 412 U.F.K. 8 stamped on the other side of the stock right above the butt plate. I know the "O" marking indicates issue to the eastern fleet. Does anyone have any ideas or know what the U.F. K. 8 marking stands for or indicates? Thank You.MVC-490F.jpgMVC-493F.jpgMVC-503F.jpgMVC-497F.jpgMVC-498F.jpgMVC-505F.jpgMVC-517F.jpgMVC-519F.jpgMVC-566F.jpgMVC-549F.jpgMVC-549F.jpgMVC-552F56.jpgMVC-526F.jpgMVC-525F.jpgMVC-524F.jpg

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