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New to forum, new to Mauser: byf 43


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Commonwealth Arsenal apparently=red flag.
It's no secret I'm not a huge fan. Tries to flip for significant profit but that's not really what bugs me. Tends to really stretch the truth in descriptions yet routinely 'forgets' to mention important detractors and not show them. I'd say misleading in the least. Not with every offering of course but often enough to be a trend.


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Thanks mech. My fear is it's been "humped" or not matching as listed "collector" aside from a little worse condition than I'd hoped. Pics provided on request avoided problem areas even AFTER purchase. If it checks out on arrival I'll be OK as I at least didn't end up in a multi thousand $ round of prison love.


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Delivery is scheduled for tomorrow but I always get a couple days delay (still not sure why) but pay my money to the FFL and wait for the call a couple days later with the proceed. Will definitely be setting up for the photoshoot. Can't wait to see what feedback you have, good or bad. I think I found my retirement hobby seeing as I'm pushing 60. This is fascinating and piques the researcher/detective in me.


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Would it be normal to not have a waffenamt on the trigger guard above the serial number? I've seen a couple images where this is the case where floorplate and guard have matching numbers but no stamp, but most do. It's the byf 43 I purchased and an image is above. It arrived in shop finally today and waiting on proceed. It's actually in better shape than I thought from photos.


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I should get a pick up call soon and I'll send stock well picks and better overall detail if folks are willing to look. Unless the verdict is now in it's been faked in some way.


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Here's the first batch of wood shots. Gonna break out the Nikon for the metal 'cause I just can't get the detail otherwise.


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