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Greetings: Am challenged with this so please bear with me. Inherited a collection of Mausers from my brother-in-law last year. He collected
them in the 70-80s, when employed at a shop. He later became it's owner. I embrace it as a new hobby. What do I do, read, learn to understand
how to identify original from fake. I want to make this a fun experience that I can share with my son, daughter, and grandsons. Thanks.


No War Eagles For You!
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You’ve come to the right place. First, just relax. This is a journey, there is a lot to learn.

Start reading posts. Look through our pic sticky section. As questions. It’s a very fun hobby, and you have a leg up since you have some guns.

You’ll probably find some disappointments in what you’ve inherited, but also some gems.

And ask questions, we will try to help.

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