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NOS 1945 Steyr MP44


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Thought this one is too good to not share it .. the term NOS does really apply to this gun since when I got it it still was in a brown paper bag which had partially been torn open to show what is inside. I carefully pulled out the gun and put the bag aside to avoid it getting damaged more. What was inside is a collectors dream - an all matching 1945 dating Steyr MP44 which is NOS. It is obvious it never saw a single shot. The stock still feels sticky from the factory linseed oil. The magazine to it btw still is in package as well, I didn't dare to open it since this one is really tight sitting. The buttplate trap still contains the takedown tool, all numbers are matching (note I digitally removed the first two digits in the pictures). Even the bolt and the handle are EP serialized.


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Woah! That is an incredibly fine example! I would feel like the king of the world with that in my collection.

Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations!

Guillaume d'Orange

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Extremely nice ! :hail:
Indiana Jones would say it belongs in a museum (if the museum would not deactivate it!).

If you take it apart, can you please show the trigger group ?


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Nice!! They are rare but unissued ones are out there:

BTW, Claus Espeholt, bless his little soul, stole one of my MP44 pictures for his website. I wouldn't have minded at all if he would have at least ASKED me first. The third picture above is another from the set I took that day. The one he took is showing the other side of the two rifles.


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Attached as requested a few pictures of the rifle in that bag, as well as the magazine. Sorry, these were only mobile phone shots, hence the low quality.

Guillaume, I can try to do one. Would you mind letting me know what you are expecting to see in that pic? Compared to your pic nothing is welded, it just is as it should be from factory, if that was what you wanted to see.

Speaking of late Steyr MP44: I have another, by serial even later, Steyr MP44 with serial 7xxx from the same I block 1945. I think I currently have around 10 MKb42/MP43/1/MP43/MP44 rifles, so it is in good companion.


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I haven’t done enough research to know - but is this how they were issued in the field? For some reason I had thought I saw rudimentary crates for these?


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I have no clue. I got it in this bag, sealed. What I pulled out was an obvious NOS weapon. Could very well also been that someone else put it in that bag, but if that was the case, I wonder where this person got the NOS gun from. Maybe it was also transferred post war to another nation which put it into this long term storage bag.

Guillaume d'Orange

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As promised, but now really tell me what you needed this for :thumbsup:

Thanks for taking the time, Absolut. To be specific, I was interested in the selector/switch group (pic attached) on the left handside of the frame, with the selector on "Dauerfeuer".
I was asking to understand how the magic works.
The best animation based on "World of Guns" I've found is this one:
and it still takes a bit of imagination to understand the whole process.


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Of course I know the serial since it was me who digitally removed it as well Claus ;). Kidding aside: will send you a mail.

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