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P08 Luger, What do I have?


Greetings everyone,
I just picked up a DWM Luger today; it's a gunsmith special that's missing a few parts. However, it does have a few features and markings that make it stand out from other Lugers I've seen over the years. The barrel from the front sight forward doesn't look quite like that of the standard luger. The grips are numbered matching, but the numbers look too big to be genuine, and I have no idea what the other markings on them are, or if they're authentic. Also, it seems that the year of manufacture is stamped on the frame instead of the barrel extension (which looks to have been scrubbed). So, I'm wondering, what exactly have I got? My knowledge of these guns is rather limited, so any help would be appreciated.


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Well the frame is from a 1917 Navy. The barrel is either aftermarket or some sort of crude cutdown. You don't show enough of the rest to make a guess what it is or was. The SN I can see on this doesn't look like factory work.
Here are pics of the whole gun.


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Receiver looks like it was taken from a WW1 era DWM. Someone probably cobbled this together from parts, but I'm not familiar with the SN font on the receiver, so you might ask over on Lugerforums.

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