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After reading other threads as suggested, It appears I have a police issue Luger? Matching pistol but not the magazine, holster is dated 1918 and has loading tool. Also has lever holding down side plate. Spare magazine is a black fxo marked. Came home from WWII with my Great uncle who served as a set in the Army 366th field hospital in Europe. He passed in 1964 and I'm told it was from heavy drinking following WWII.


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Yes, the sear safety (that flat bar pinned on the top of the side plate) was a Police modification. There was concern that idiots would disassemble the gun loaded and press the sear bar down and fire the weapon. That bar has a pin that falls behind the sear when the side plate is removed preventing this.

These were apparently added starting around 1932/33. There was also a magazine safety but your grips don't appear to be modified for it. You might remove the side plate and see if there are any cuts to the frame. Probably not.

The mag safety was discontinued almost immediately, so this one probably entered police service after 1934 or so.

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