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Pre 98 Firearms - Flipped


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You guys now get my drift on these opportunists...5K for a decent byf43...unreal.
It wont stop there - he will continue to push the pricing envelope


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Stuff is getting harder and harder to find... This defiantly isn't the time to buy anything.. Cars houses, ect. ect.. If there was anytime to hold off on purchasing its now..

As I said the 3800.00 for that rifle was nuts... even with the shitty bayonet !! I saw a few forum guys bidding and it sucks to see it selling to a con artist like this.. It is a nice example and with the shellac removed and wood treated properly it will look much better.. This is where the market is... No matter nice rifles , helmets, ect. have all gone nuts.


the fact it sold for 3800.00 the first time around is stunning in itself. Then the ole scotty mark up... It even has clear shellac on the stock.. :censored:

Interesting enough. This was the second time this exact rifle was sold on GB. From the same seller and same photos.

Not sure exactly the context. Though, I don’t think it was a return. Since it first sold like 4-7 months ago. Idr the exact time frame. Since you can’t view that far back on GB.

Good eye on the shellac, note the recoil lug.

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I hate how they leave sold items listed. I know they they do it, they get more traffic and higher click through.
It’s good to see dealer and auction results of what it sold for.
No Censorship.
Nothing worse than a cheap picker offering you 1K and him turning around and selling it for 4K. And you know that’s going to happen.
The money is better in your pocket than his when it comes to selling.
Sure it sucks for the new buyer, things were better before the internet price wise. You need deep pockets today.

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